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What Really Makes Good – if not Great – Web Design?


26 JULY 2018

Your website is your virtual address – your representation to the world. It’s how your potential clients and your existing customers recognise you and your brand. It’s your calling card.

There are now more than a billion web addresses in the world, and this number is growing as we speak. No business worth its salt would exist without a website, and that’s the truth….

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5 Crucial SEO changes to expect this year


Calendar 09 AUGUST 2018


Just like in other areas of the technology world, the search engine optimization is environment is constantly changing.

Here at Pivotal Pixel, we like to make sure that our clients can get the most out of their online experience, with an enhanced approach to marketing, branding and web design. Of course, to give our customers, the best results, we need to maintain a thorough understanding of SEO, and how the Google algorithms work….


The 5 Biggest Website Design Trends we’ve seen this year



The online world is constantly changing. As new technologies arise, and customer preferences change, it’s important for modern brands to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Here at Pivotal Pixel, we’re always keeping track of industry news, so we can offer our clients the web design and marketing strategies best-suited to their audience…..